John Morris

  • The vote in the referendum was not 50/50, it was 51.9/48.1 in UK. If you look at England alone the vote was 53.4/46.6. We could go on and break it down even further but the facts are the uk voted to leave so that’s what we must do. It is absolute rubbish that people thought this would mean soft Brexit, The vote was leave or remain and if people listened carefully, David Cameron, George Osborne and the main remain campaigners were telling people that leave would mean leaving the single market and the customs union. I have the videos to prove this.
    May I suggest that if you don’t like the result, start up a new political party called The Anti Democracy party and campaign for remaining in EU at the next election. I am sure you will get the chance as with EU red tape, we will not get out anytime soon or before another election. If you win, I will support the decision.
    Regarding people changing their minds, I saw some figures recently that suggest that most of the people who voted remain, accept that we will be leaving and only about 23% would support another referendum.

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