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The summer will have given us time for sober reflection. While many of us remain deeply convulsed, the full impact of the result is still far from being understood, as is indeed borne out by the lack of the clarity about the negotiating intentions of the UK government. This period of drift and uncertainty is likely to last for months.

Recognising the defeat of June 23rd does not mean that pro-Europeans should give up the fight for a Britain as part of the European project. On the contrary the growing global insecurity and threats to world peace underline the importance of Europeans working together for peace, prosperity and security in an increasingly dangerous world.

But we have a mountain to climb in turning round public opinion which has been poisoned on this question by years of misrepresentation and increasingly xenophobic rhetoric and propaganda: and the Remain campaign which concentrated on the narrow economic case and negative arguments, failed to meet the challenge of engaging with voters on what is really at stake in this strategic choice. 

In the short term, we would like to see the UK in as close and mutually-beneficial relationship as possible with the EU and its members, whatever the outcome of any forthcoming discussions. Remaining part of the Single Market while wanting to limit migration is an example of the complexity facing UK negotiators as they tackle so many issues arising from the referendum result. So we rule nothing out. We will be holding remainers and leavers in the UK to account in this context and following the negotiations with the utmost vigilance.

Nothing is to stop us from campaigning again because future general elections or, maybe indeed, future referendums will place Britain's relationship with Europe again at the heart of the national debate. And we need to understand how the pro-Europeans lost this last battle, and what lessons to learn for future engagements.

Pro Europa is composed of people with expertise in EU issues, we provide a bridge between the UK and the EU, we campaign, and we put a human face on life in Brussels and in the EU. We aim to continue to make our unique contribution. And we will be making our suggestions as to how to reform and improve the workings of the EU, based on the experience of so many of our members.

We will continue to liaise with grass roots organisation to get our message across to local areas and we welcome the new opportunities for synergies with like-minded groups and individuals. We will continue to inform the public through our social media campaigns but need your assistance to reach those who have closed their minds to the EU and who are unaware of the mutually-beneficially relationship we currently enjoy

We welcomed your membership of our group in the campaign pre-referendum. Now we invite you to join us in continuing the work we have just begun in the great challenges we face. And we want to hear from you: if you are interested in understanding more about our action plan or getting involved, please email us on office@proeuropa.org.uk.

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