Can the UK stop EU workers moving to the UK and still have access to the single market?


The EU’s single market combines free movement of goods, services, capital and workers. Norway and Switzerland are currently required to allow free movement of EU workers in their countries as part of their access to the EU single market. 

Free movement works both ways. Some 2.2 million Britons live in other EU countries. What would happen to them?     

Some of the UK's key public services are as dependent on low- skilled workers as on highly-skilled specialists, especially in hospitals and caring for the elderly. The NHS and care homes could face staff shortages.

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  • You are forgetting that at the moment we HAVE to accept anybody from Europe no matter whether they have the skills we need or not. Once we are free from the EU, we can select people from anywhere in the World. The World is a much bigger pool of talent than the EU.