Event 22 June - UK Public Opinion: moving towards Europe?

On 22 June 2015, polling and research consultancy ComRes presented insights and analysis of UK public opinion on Europe in the light of the UK elections and the approaching EU Referendum. This was followed by a lively debate between ComRes and Pro Europa members and supporters.








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  • However, the debate about its relationship with Europe, on which Britain is about to embark, is not simply a question of whether or not it should remain a member. Fortunately,I have to work http://www.peakdissertation.co.uk/ to maintain research research consultant work presented insights and analysis of UK public opinion during the last twenty years BSA has asked a second question about Britain’s relationship with Europe that invites people to choose between five different options – leaving; staying but reducing the powers of the EU; keeping things as they are; increasing the powers of the EU; and working for the creation of a single members and organizations.