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  • Happy to do some writing too
  • It is absolutely ridiculous that the UK are coming out of the EU. This was done without factual information being provided for the public. Populism needs to be scraped. You cannot have a referendum like this to decide a governmental decision because the public do not know about these things. They are not informed enough and were not informed about this organization.
  • Happy to do some writing
  • I have been since at least 1970 when I started to study European law at Brussels University, even before the UK joined the then EEC and have been passionate about Europe being the better way ever since.
  • I am focusing my innovative skills on devising a set of “Collaborative Circular Migration” proposals that will give Great Britain a viable alternative to Brexit by equalizing the flow of people to and from the UK, not just from Europe, but also from elsewhere in the world. Returning to the EU with a workable plan that is mutually beneficial to all participants, and therefore capable of bringing genuine equality to Europe, will neutralize the toxic Brexit debate and restore our global credibility.