If the UK leaves the EU will it have access to the EU customs-free single market?

Will it have to pay customs tariffs – making British exports less attractive and imports more expensive?


This will depend on the terms of the deal the UK manages to negotiate. If it negotiates a "pure" trade deal – without accepting rules of free movement – it will have limited access to the Single Market and may have to pay customs tariffs.

The UK is the world's fifth biggest economy and the EU's biggest customer. About half of the UK’s exports go to the EU and 16% of the EU’s exports go to the UK. Britain has 60 million consumers and the EU (without UK) would have 440 million. Who will have the upper hand in negotiations?

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  • The answer given is above is completely self-defeating.

    If the UK is the EU’s biggest customer as you mention….then in the event of a Brexit (which I’m hoping for), if the EU imposes high tariffs to put us off trading with them we’ll simply take our business elsewhere!

    So now tell me…who will have the upper hand in negotiations!

    Remember, the UK is the 5th largest economy in the world….

    I wonder what the likes of BMW, Mercedes, Airbus, VW Volkswagen and all the other EU suppliers to the UK will do to their governments and the EU if they lose our business?
  • Nice twisting of figures there!