Reasons to Stay



1. Jobs

Around 3.5 million British jobs are directly linked to British membership of the European Union’s single market – 1 in 10 British jobs.

2. Exports & investment

The EU buys over 50 per cent of UK exports (54 per cent of goods, 40 per cent of services).
Over 300,000 British companies and 74 per cent of British exporters operate in other EU markets.
American and Asian EU firms build factories in Britain because it is in the single market.

3. Trade

The EU negotiates trade agreements with the rest of the world. Outside the EU Britain would have to renegotiate trade deals alone. While the EU is the world’s largest market, a UK outside the EU would not be a high priority for other counties to negotiate a trade deal.

4. Consumer clout

British families enjoy lower mobile phone roaming charges, lower credit card fees, cheaper flights and proper compensation when flights are delayed or cancelled. These sorts of benefits could not be achieved by Britain alone.

5. Clean environment

Through commonly agreed EU standards, national Governments have achieved improvements to the quality of air, rivers and beaches. Good for Britain and good for Britons holidaying or living abroad!

6. Power to curb the multinationals

The EU has taken on multinational giants like Microsoft, Samsung and Toshiba for unfair competition. The UK would not be able to do this alone.

7. Freedom to work and study abroad – and easy travel

1.4 million British people live abroad in the EU. More than 14,500 UK students took part in the European Union’s Erasmus student exchange scheme in 2012-13. Driving licences issued in the UK are valid throughout the EU.

8. Peace and democracy

The EU has helped secure peace among previously warring western European nations. It helped to consolidate democracy in Spain, Portugal, Greece and former Soviet bloc countries and helped preserve peace in the Balkans since the end of the Balkans War. With the UN it now plays a leading role in conflict prevention, peacekeeping and democracy building.

9. Equal pay and non-discrimination

Equal pay for men and women is enshrined in EU law, as are bans on discrimination by age, race or sexual orientation. This benefits Britain and British people who live in other EU countries.

10. Influence in the world

As 28 democracies, and as the world’s biggest market, we are strong when we work together.
Britain is represented in many international organisations in joint EU delegations – giving Britain more influence than it would have alone. The EU has played a major role in climate, world trade and development.

11. Cutting red tape

Common rules for the common market make it unnecessary to have 28 sets of national regulations.

12. Fighting crime

The European Arrest Warrant replaced long extradition procedures and enables the UK to extradite criminals wanted in other EU countries, and bring to justice criminals wanted in the UK who are hiding in other EU countries.

Eurojust helps UK authorities work with other EU countries’ to tackle international organised crime such as drug smuggling, people trafficking and money laundering.

...and one bonus...

13. Research funding

The UK is the second largest beneficiary of EU research funds, and the British Government expects future EU research funding to constitute a vital source of income for our world-leading universities and companies.

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  • 4 Consumer Clout
    " These sorts of benefits could not be achieved by Britain alone" …. more conjecture not a reason.
  • 3. TRADE
    " a UK outside the EU would not be a high priority for other counties to negotiate a trade deal."
    This is baseless conjecture not a reason.
    I see Iceland just sealed a trade deal with China and it didn’t inconvenience them that they were not a
    top priority for the Chinese.
  • 2.
    “American and Asian EU firms build factories in Britain because it is in the single market.”…. It’s not so simple.
    Explain why Kraft closed the Cadbury factory in Bristol and moved production to Poland and JTI Gallagher is closing factories in Belgium and Northern Ireland and moving production to Poland and Romania etc . etc.
    So don’t be so disingenuous …. They build their factories where the conditions exist to make the most profit.
  • 1. JOBS
    The 3.5 million jobs won’t evaporate neither will the 4 million + jobs on the other side of the Channel related to trade with the U.K..
    They will still continue exporting far more to the UK than the UK sends their direction.
    This is not a reason to stay at all …… No need to panic.
  • A balanced opinion Elizabeth, which I’m in total agreement with, – Which was further reinforced by watching Boris performance in front of the Parliamentary Committee recently.
  • I am 100% on the UK remaining part of the EU. I see no reason to leave the security the EU provides us as a whole and I believe leaving the EU would be more detrimental to our economy and political position in the world.

    After the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, Brussels and now Pakistan, I am only further convinced that nations and people coming and staying together is the way forward. Being a part of a productive, worldwide community is essential to the peaceful cohabitation of this planet.

    Unfortunately, I have never been overwhelmed by David Cameron’s ideas or leadership skills, and it disturbs me that people are very willing to agree with something that will tear us apart from our home continent. I am wholly convinced that this man does not have the peoples best interest’s at heart and is instead more interested in filling his wallet and enforcing an outdated conservative idealism.

    Stay in the EU with our fellow European citizens fellow UK dwellers.
  • I am not normally in accord with our Current Prime Minister, but he succinctly puts the argument when he states – ‘How can leaving the E U, but remaining in the Single Market benefit us? It doesn’t give us more control, it just stops us having any say over the rules of trade.’

    The value of goods traded by the UK with 55 countries, with which the E U has trade deals, amounted to £97 billion in 2014 – Together with the value of goods traded with the E U itself, amounts to 64% of UK’s goods exported. This is what would possibly be changed if we leave the E U – That is possibly at least £466 billion exports being subject to an uncertainty?
  • I’m going to be honest, I came here entirely on the fence and wanting to see some solid reasons to stay, after having seen a lot of reasons to leave.

    Visiting this page only pushed me toward the leave side, as these points are all so incredibly weak. Seriously, if these are the best arguments that the stay side can come up with, it’s been decided for me…
  • I am encourage to see that people are considering the pros and cons of staying in the E U.

    Its better to have a reason view on the subject, no matter what side of the argument you support. What I despair the most, is those of my fellow countrymen and women, who are apathetic and show no interest in anything political. Its their couldn’t care less attitude that’s so annoying and I’m afraid this seems to be the current ‘English Disease’.

    Note as an Englishman, I don’t include the other valued members of our Union – The Scots, Welsh and Irish thank goodness, bring more passion, common sense and intensity to our treasured and successful Isle.

    Lets stay together – United in our Union, remain in the E U and fight our corner, as we have always done so successfully.
  • However much I agree with a lot of these points, they rather incomplete and can easily be seen as ‘weak’. This link ‘’ seems to know a little more about what it’s talking about.

    I have to say though, I see so much more point in staying. How will losing Free-Trade with the EU help out our economy? More than 50% of our exports are to the EU, and we don’t need them taxed! Yet another problem is if we leave the EU, France has basically publicly guaranteed to dump every poor migrant they have in Britain. While I’m against Cameron’s no migrant policies, can Britain really take everyone who’s waiting across the channel? Lastly, a very strong point is Influence. If we leave, we still need to abide by the same rules, we just don’t have any say in what they are. This means that exiting really doesn’t solve the problems people think it will …
  • So if as you state there are unused airports and roads in Spain how have they benefited? Perhaps the UK supplied equipment, new technologies and finances in these undertakings, along with other countries in the E U?

    Your spurious comments about Driving Licences, perhaps might be outweighed should you be taken ill or have an accident and need medical treatment when abroad in a E U country? You certainly will not get it in America or elsewhere in the world, where your Driving Licence and Credit Cards are accepted.

    Surely the basis of any mutual union isn’t that you join to contribute less than anyone else and expect to receive more back?

    It can be compared to taxation, in that that those that benefit most from the conditions they are trading in, pay more than those who are doing less well – The total income being used to improve the general economic performance of all.

    By raising the level of the lowest, everyone above them also benefits.

    Ask yourself why both Germany and France, who both contribute far more than they receive back, are remaining in the E U ? are they philanthropic? Or plain stupid? Perhaps they realise that the benefits outweigh the disadvantages?
  • You never answered My points about the 2 new airports ,unused ,all the new roads also in Spain .Where are all the new road in Britain paid for by EU money ?Why are farmers paid “Set aside” to not grow crops ,so other countries can grow and sell ? What’s all this shit about Driving Licences won’t be able to be used in EU countries if we leave,or our Credit Cards,or our Mobile phone ? Wake up I believe what I see and know as facts ,and don’t believe the crap in this statement or the fact you telling ME not to believe all the Polititions tell me .Did you answer my question about money groom the EU being used to do up derelict buildings in Slovenia,or Slovakia ? And now to appease Turkey with the migrants the are Letting Turkey join the EU Just how many I.S terrorists have come through Turkey and entered other EU countries ,or should we not believe that too ?
  • This is going to be a very important vote yet, as usual, our politicians present it to the nation in completely the wrong manner.
    Dividing themselves either one way or the other, as individuals they spout either all ‘pros’ or all ‘cons’ without any balance, stating specific alternative plans or solutions for either side of the argument. Instead we have to listen as they bicker amongst themselves, this being done with their proverbial backs turned towards us, the general population.

    I feel, in the long run, we will fair better remaining in the EU. We are currently the 5th largest economy in the world, our rosette reads ‘The best of the rest’. But if going solo I wouldn’t trust the current or future governments (no matter their colour) and our Civil Service to be capable of keeping us there. 40 years of consecutive governments failing to foresee, plan ahead and strengthen our domestic infrastructure tells me that.
    Yes there’s numerous cons to being in the EU but unless something showed me beyond doubt that I could trust our politicians not to fowl up the alternative, I’ll look to stick with ‘the devil we know’. I think, down the line, we’re going to need this particular devil.

    You may want to tell me I should be able to listen to our politicians argue and make my mind up from that. I happen to believe that those this nation pays to be it’s politicians should be capable of MUCH more substance. After all, on hiring a financial adviser, would you expect them to present you with all the relevant facts then guide you to a suitable conclusion or listen to them argue with another adviser then leave you to make of it as you will?
  • Don’t be brainwashed by official statements or what is printed in the press? Carry out your own research and evaluation.

    High levels of employment in thriving UK? So now we are find that its possible that one million people are employed on Zero Hour Contracts, many earning less than a Living Wage?

    Then lets consider the points you make about Spain Are you really suggesting that Spain has more influence in the E U to obtain funds for their development and we don’t?

    Why haven’t we demolished our own slums and built new homes? Is it down to the owners or the government?

    In the 1950-60’s We had the same situation with Peter Rachman who owned a series of properties in Notting Hill – He got rid of the sitting tenants, who had statutory protection against high rent increases and then filled the properties with colour immigrants. The new tenants did not have the same protection under the law and so could be charged any amount Rachman wished. From 1951 until 1963 the Conservatives were in charge – Does that ring a Bell?

    After the last war the post-war Labour government of Clem Attlee, planned to build three hundred thousand houses within ten years, budgeted to cost one hundred and fifty million. In fact during the next six year period 1945-51, nearly one and a quarter million houses were built.

    So why aren’t the government not funding the building of new houses? Could it be because the value of the Private Housing stocks would come down and the Private Rented accommodation would also be affected.

    Your comments again concerning Fishing – How many British owners sold off their quotas for a quick buck to foreign fishermen? A free for all to catch everything possible, without some control and the agreement of a number of nations, such as the E U, would mean that the seas would soon be stripped of fish for profit.

    Your comments concerning NATO – Thank goodness the alliance has never had to prove its worth – Otherwise we might have found it as effective as the United Nations and The League of Nations before it?

    Don’t be brainwashed by those with vested interests – who lobby our parliamentary representative, not for the good of you and I, but for their own enrichment.
  • What a load of rubbish .NATO keeps the peace not us being in the EU
    We pay in £355million a week ,and receive pennies back.
    We have only a very small fishing fleet now in Britain as the EU have restricted our fishing quota and areas in which to fish ,and the size of the fish that can be landed.
    My British driving license can be used in EVERY country in the world ,as can my passport and my credit card .!
    There are 5 rich nations in the world ,and 23 poor ones .How can that be equal ?
    There are 32 million unemployed in the EU ,we in Britain have a very low unemployment rate now.
    We could build a new hospital or school every week by saving the money pain into the EU ?
    I regularly visit Spain ,they are bankrupt ,but the are two new airport built ,one near Murcia,and one at Oropesa ,both with stunning new roads up to them BUT they are complete but not open !
    There are stunning new roads built all over Spain,they make our roads look like farm track ,but they are deserted!
    Does anybody seriously believe that if we left the EU ,that the Germans with their BMWs Mercedes,Audi,s VWs and supermarkets Aldi and Lidl and France with Peugeot and Citroen,and Renault or EDF would not be willing to strike up a brilliant deal with us to sell us their goods ?
    All over the EU I see derelict buildings that need bulldozing ,but NO there is a sign on saying "Being rebuilt with EU funds of £24.5 million " Do we ever see that in Britain .
    We are being taken for a ride by the other EU states and the British people want to get OFF ,!
  • What I find most stimulating is to see the different slants, the almost lateral thinking that the arguments to remain or leave the E U are generating?

    The views of Robert Brookes, though perhaps questionable are certainly most thought provoking.
    Populations out of work and starving.
    Enormous Debt that has not reduced after years of austerity
    Debt that can never be repaid by the people, whilst the giant corporations avoid taxation by openly being regiseterd outside of the EU
    Debt created by politicians and banks in order to control the people. whilst the politicians and banksters invest offshore.
    If Brussels would stop the corporate and banking theft that goes unchallenged then it would have some point. EU is a social experiment that pretends to care for the people whilst starving them.
  • 9. Equal pay and non-discrimination

    Equal pay for men and women is enshrined in EU law, as are bans on discrimination by age, race or sexual orientation. This benefits Britain and British people who live in other EU countries.

    I was pretty sure this is also enshrine in British law anyway, either way the Equal Pay part is still rubbish many women are paid less than their male counterparts.
  • 11. Cutting red tape

    Common rules for the common market make it unnecessary to have 28 sets of national regulations.

    As long as there is some way of ensuring that the regulations are abide-ed to….. I would say many people believe that this is not the case.
  • This is why the pro-europe campaign comes over as propaganda: “Driving licences issued in the UK are valid throughout the EU.”

    Can anyone tell me where they are not valid?
  • Mr Osborne has just stated our economy was not what we hoped for and warned ‘Storm Clouds’ are gathering for lots of countries, including Britain.

    No we know jobs would not be shed immediately, as like any undertaking, there in an inertia that means that changes don’t take place immediately, but if a company loses business it begins to cut back and shed jobs.

    So with increased economic risks and the pound falling, due to the hint we don’t know whether to stay in or out – Well ‘Gung Ho!’ we like a gamble, so lets go ahead and vote to leave one of the biggest trading markets in the world.
  • All in all, I’m in favour that we remain within the EU, but clearly the Elephant in the Room is immigration. This is an issue that simply won’t be clouded by anything else, and I cannot fathom as to why we as a country don’t take the same steps as Denmark have and just say NO? If we don’t all those years of unity and progress will be thrown away over a sovereign issue, that’s easily resolved?
  • People in the know I would like some facts pop on over and help explain:
  • First question, in the 12 reasons to stay; 1. Jobs – define ‘directly linked’ are you saying that if we leave the EU these companies will immediately loose all contacts from other EU companies and be forced to sack or lay off millions of people?
  • Me neither Kenneth.
    And as for the government’s line about the lack of democracy in EU and bringing the power back to UK….a tad hypocritical considering how the government have created so Called Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) UK wide which are run by big business men from (in the west country) Westland’s helicopters, Nuclear power industry, Defence industry, housing industry, and many more with maybe 2 democratically elected councillors to represent the views of several whole counties. They have huge funds ( to the tune of billions) allocated to them to spend on creating jobs, housing (but no mention of affordable housing) and economic growth ( in your back yard and across your fields) but which are completely unaccountable to the local populations and have their own and the governments agenda to work to.
  • I can see no sense in leaving an organisation such as the EU, that many of us in general think benefits us, rather than staying and working to improve it. I recently read an illuminating article by Will Hutton, from which I quote the opening paragraph - ‘Courtesy of the European parliament, and much against the will of the world’s investment banks, every bank in Europe now has to declare how much tax it pays in which country.’
  • @erian ive no problem with migration provided 1, they’re known, 2, they pay taxes, 3 they cant claim benefits from a system they’ve not paid into, 4 they pay for public services i.e. healthcare.

    @kenneth – sack it all then lets be governed by Germany or France then? I fail to see how extra tiers of bureaucracy will help politicians to bee held accountable, if nothing else its more to hide behind.
  • I thought it only happened here in America. But people will outcast immigrants in fear of job loss. That is very sad that minorities will be treated as second class citizens no matter where they go.
  • Mark Rushworth – We have the powers and legislation to deport unwanted people, but it is our own incompetent people that that fail us – This is also the same with so many other matters I fear, concerning matters in the E U. The German and French officials seem to be more capable of interpreting and applying the dictates of the E U, than their incompetent counterparts in the UK – If we opt to leave the EU those same highly paid incompetent UK administrators, will continue to govern our lives.