Reasons to Stay



1. Jobs

Around 3.5 million British jobs are directly linked to British membership of the European Union’s single market – 1 in 10 British jobs.

2. Exports & investment

The EU buys over 50 per cent of UK exports (54 per cent of goods, 40 per cent of services).
Over 300,000 British companies and 74 per cent of British exporters operate in other EU markets.
American and Asian EU firms build factories in Britain because it is in the single market.

3. Trade

The EU negotiates trade agreements with the rest of the world. Outside the EU Britain would have to renegotiate trade deals alone. While the EU is the world’s largest market, a UK outside the EU would not be a high priority for other counties to negotiate a trade deal.

4. Consumer clout

British families enjoy lower mobile phone roaming charges, lower credit card fees, cheaper flights and proper compensation when flights are delayed or cancelled. These sorts of benefits could not be achieved by Britain alone.

5. Clean environment

Through commonly agreed EU standards, national Governments have achieved improvements to the quality of air, rivers and beaches. Good for Britain and good for Britons holidaying or living abroad!

6. Power to curb the multinationals

The EU has taken on multinational giants like Microsoft, Samsung and Toshiba for unfair competition. The UK would not be able to do this alone.

7. Freedom to work and study abroad – and easy travel

1.4 million British people live abroad in the EU. More than 14,500 UK students took part in the European Union’s Erasmus student exchange scheme in 2012-13. Driving licences issued in the UK are valid throughout the EU.

8. Peace and democracy

The EU has helped secure peace among previously warring western European nations. It helped to consolidate democracy in Spain, Portugal, Greece and former Soviet bloc countries and helped preserve peace in the Balkans since the end of the Balkans War. With the UN it now plays a leading role in conflict prevention, peacekeeping and democracy building.

9. Equal pay and non-discrimination

Equal pay for men and women is enshrined in EU law, as are bans on discrimination by age, race or sexual orientation. This benefits Britain and British people who live in other EU countries.

10. Influence in the world

As 28 democracies, and as the world’s biggest market, we are strong when we work together.
Britain is represented in many international organisations in joint EU delegations – giving Britain more influence than it would have alone. The EU has played a major role in climate, world trade and development.

11. Cutting red tape

Common rules for the common market make it unnecessary to have 28 sets of national regulations.

12. Fighting crime

The European Arrest Warrant replaced long extradition procedures and enables the UK to extradite criminals wanted in other EU countries, and bring to justice criminals wanted in the UK who are hiding in other EU countries.

Eurojust helps UK authorities work with other EU countries’ to tackle international organised crime such as drug smuggling, people trafficking and money laundering.

...and one bonus...

13. Research funding

The UK is the second largest beneficiary of EU research funds, and the British Government expects future EU research funding to constitute a vital source of income for our world-leading universities and companies.

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  • Gentleman,

    Despite the arguments, most people don’t agree with you…..simply gauge the feelings of THE PEOPLE….it’s pretty clear to see who’s going to win…Just check out the comments section on just about every post Mr. Cameron has put out on his facebook page…
  • You appear to believe that the only way you can believe in yourself is to be a lone who imposes additional difficulties on yourself. Very macho and very ineffective.
    Without fail, every successful business I have been associated with, advised or improved did one thing … collaborated.
    Thanks everyone for the video links – this one sums up Leave’s attitude
  • “Ok Ross…. how about this…. Hand your money to me every month. I’ll give you some of it back as a rebate. But I’ll then tell you how to spend it. Oh, and I’ll also tell you how to live your life.”

    - False analogy. Want a better one? Say you are a member of a family, you all pool the money you’ve earned, some of it feeds those who don’t have jobs, some of it goes on maintenance, some of it goes on home improvements and things you couldn’t dream of doing alone, And some of it means we can get better discounts from other families goods. Then you get some back. Each according to their needs.

    “Get a hold of yourself, man. Believe in Britain! – Be strong. Believe in YOURSELF. Don’t believe the doom and gloom. "

    - You’re argument, an emotional response? No I don’t trust some nostalgia for the good old days, simply because they were never that good. Doom and gloom? I believe I spoke about a more worthy road that meant equality for people, so that’s doom and gloom to you?

    We are the 5th largest economy. We’re in the EU. See how those two things work? We’re not a trivial economy in the EU where you could argue leaving would make us bigger. Our economy is directly served by the fact we are in the EU and the fact the square mile in London handles a large portion of the worlds finances which translates into very little for normal people in this country.

    That’s a hilarious video. A few headlines from rightwing rags famed for scare mongering and a sound bite out of context? What next Darth Vader turns up waving a Euro flag? You’ve really got two choices, leave Europe or become and American outpost. And the way corporations have eroded civil liberties in the US is frightening and it’s getting worse. Or stay in the EU, make sure power is fragmented and have many millions more in other nation states that power has to contend with. Many fail safes vs one? I don’t trust elites, I certainly don’t trust unopposed elites which is what leaving will give us.

    What’s not going to change my mind is a hammy piece of propaganda and a misplaced sense of nostalgia for an age that was full of institutionalised: racism, sexism, homophobia and riots. Better the devil you know, because don’t think for one second Borris and his ilk are in this for you, their vision is all about creating a world better for themselves, and that means being in power at whatever the cost. If you don’t want checks and balances on that kind of power you’re asking for trouble.

    Then look at the EEA and EFTA, the countries in Europe but out of the EU… to trade with the EU, which they have to do to survive, they have to adopt all it’s policies in the areas it trades in, but the have no say in what those policies are, unlike ourselves. That would be much worse for the UK than it is for them. Out of the EU, every which way we lose more control and have less say. All you gain is some abstract sense of independence and national pride which translates into very little in real terms.
  • Ok Ross…. how about this…. Hand your money to me every month. I’ll give you some of it back as a rebate. But I’ll then tell you how to spend it. Oh, and I’ll also tell you how to live your life.

    Would you trust me with your money more than you’d trust yourself?

    Get a hold of yourself, man. Believe in Britain! – Be strong. Believe in YOURSELF. Don’t believe the doom and gloom.

    We are the 5th largest economy in the world (and would be even bigger if not for the EU), our language is the most widely spoken on the planet, we have the highest standards of transparency, accountability, and very low levels of corruption, people and corporations want to live and do business here. HOW MUCH BIGGER DO WE NEED TO BE TO MAKE OUR OWN LAWS, CONTROL OUR OWN MONEY, AND HIRE AND FIRE THE PEOPLE WHO LEAD THIS LAND?

    Believe in what you and I and all the british people can do. Vote out and liberate ALL the people of Europe.

    Without the UK, the EU will crumble apart anyway – we are the 2nd largest contributor to the EU budget.

    Think about this….With Britain outside of the EU, by the end of 2016, the EURO will start gooing down, as other countries will demand their own referendum, and will begin to doubt this foolish system of one size fits all for 500m people. Liberate the people of Europe. Now, just in case you’ve not seen it, see what these Europeans have to say….. listen to what he’s saying – yes this video serves my agenda to leave, but take seriously to heart what he’s saying, as he is giving you the facts…
  • We have nothing to leverage over the EU the US or Asia on our own. They don’t want to accept our trade deals, it wont make any difference to them. So…

    Ask yourself this:

    What then will a post EU British government do to make the UK seem more attractive? Hand over more and more power to corporations? Sell the rest of London off to the international real estate market? Demand we the people make more sacrifices under pain of being irrelevant?

    No system of government is prefect, but wouldn’t you rather choose one that at least has the ideals of equality and looking after people even though it is costly? I mean, isn’t that the best thing we can sped money on? All the leave campaign do is go on about money – some things are more important than money. We have billions but is the world a utopia? No.

    The more worthy road is always harder to travel… it’s not sexy or glitzy, it’s like working at a relationship over time, it gets better with the years, stronger and you realise what money can’t buy is always more valuable. Vote remain.
  • Let me ask the nay-sayers….What happens if in future, the EU becomes more and more capitalist in future? – What happens if it quashes more and more the unions in France? – You would not be able to do a thing about it. You have no vote. No say.

    Vote Brexit, so you can have your say….IF you don’t like the house of Lords, you can campaign to abolish it. If you dont like the fact we have a head of state, i.e. the monarchy, and you want the UK to become a republic, then vote Brexit and have your say.

    Remember, if we stay in the EU, thats it. When will you next have a say?! -
  • Aimee , the 1949 Parliament Act restricts the Lords to delaying a bill for a maximum of two terms.
    You weren’t very specific about what bills the H of L threw out … these are frantic times …. maybe you could let us know.
    And thanks again for the hyper- hysteria about how were all going to go skint within seconds of a Brexit.
  • Please see the left wing video first. Posted below.
  • • Brexit means less sovereignty, losing control. Brexiters call for sovereignty, but we would have less sovereignty if we left the EU, not more. An isolationist Britain would not have the power it has within the EU where it can influence policy and other non-EU countries would be more interested in the much large EU market than in Britain. We would have to be a rule-taker just accepting single market rules and technical standards, rather than being a rule-maker in jointly deciding on them in the EU.
  • • Brexit would be an economic disaster for Britain, putting us in recession. The cost of the EU is about 27p each a day (half the price of a Mars bar), but if we left we wouldn’t save any money as the damage to the economy of cutting ourselves off from the market where almost half our exports go would cost us tens of billions of pounds. In negotiating a post-brexit agreement we need the EU more than they need us – we export over 12% of our GDP to the EU, but the EU only exports 3% of its GDP to us. What’s more, many foreign firms, like Nissan, set up shop in Britain because we are a gateway to sell stuff to the whole EU. If we quit, other countries might grab our jobs by luring companies away from the UK.
    • Brexit would wipe out manufacturing in Britain. The Brexit supporters want us to reduce our tariffs to zero without any agreement on lower tariffs from other countries. This means for example, China could flood our market with cheap steel and wipe out our steel industry. UKIP opposed support for the British steel industry in the European Parliament. Patrick Minford, the lead economist for the Brexit side, said in March, ‘Over time, if we left the EU, it seems likely that we would mostly eliminate manufacturing’. There are over 2.5 million jobs that are dependent on manufacturing in this country.
    • A weak Brexit economy, means cuts in public services and a weaker NHS. All major unions, including the NHS unions, are in favour of staying in as they know the damage brexit would cause the economy and therefore the NHS. 10% of doctors and over 100,000 NHS and social care staff come from other EU countries.
  • The EU is democratic. EU decisions are taken by the Council of Ministers (our elected government ministers) and the European Parliament (our elected MEPs). The Commission is unelected, but performs the same role as our unelected civil service. Turkey is not joining the EU – it applied to join in 1987 and has so far only completed 1 of 35 conditions – at the current rate of progress its application would be complete in the year 3000 and even then we have an absolute veto. There are no plans for a European army and we’d have a veto anyway. We would not be liable for any euro problems
  • Beppe – last year the House of Lords threw out a finance bill of the government leading the government to consider reducing the powers of the HoL. You either don’t know what is going on here or you’re lying. Either way, your comments aren’t worthwhile.
  • Another left wing video…

    Might appeal to some of you…
  • Watch Brexitthemovie on you tube. Interesting insight into the European Parliament and ecomony.
  • Rdd check the Parliament Act 1949 that Aimee refuses to read ….. The Lords can only delay legislation for a maximum of 1 year…… They only have the power to delay’.
    Civil servants don’t create laws…. We don’t elect judges.Is this news to you ?
    Who have you been talking to …. the man in the pub ?
  • Wa – the clue to the degree of trust we can give the Italian video was in the tag below it – ‘Paolo Barnard, the most censored italian economic journalist, reveals the truth about BREXIT and the European Union.’ i.e. raving!
    Arnold – our voting system disenfranchises 3/4 of the UK. We also have unelected Lords chosen by friendship, we have pivy courts – unelected, we have high courts -unelected, we have supreme courts – unelected, we have a head of state – unelected. All of these pass or test laws created by anonymous civil servants – unelected. Elected politician are chosen from a small list of people we have little to do with (AMs in Wales for example are chosen partly by first past the post and in part from a regional lists – these regional list AMs were not voted in by anyone but are the choice of the party.)
    We do however, have a group of very highly paid MEPs who refuse to represent the UK. They represent some elements (11% of the electorate) and themselves.
    The suggestion we are more democratic than the the EU is nonsense. All laws from the EU are agreed by the UK or are open to negotiation, THAT is democracy. What yo suggest is and autocracy.
  • Arnold,
    I’m a mongrel…. and I’ve had happy times in many European countries.
    I will be even happier if they all retain their sovereignty and we could all participate in a common market.
    I am not interested at all in a superstate controlled in Bruxelles and by who knows what unelected clique.
  • Rdd, I respectfully suggest that the voting system we have here, (not withstanding its imperfections) is a damn-site better than the EU’s system. At least we have a MEANINGFUL SAY at election time. With the EU, it just carries on without ever consulting the PEOPLE of EUROPE – Now do you really want to give up the system we have here in favour of a system which gives you NO SAY at all?

    Also, to everyone else, please don’t confuse this referendum with LEFT vs RIGHT domestic politics. The latter is a domestic issue to be debated at another time e.g. at elections…. the EU referendum is completely a different issue. – Hence the left-right politicians are coming together where they agree on the EU.
  • hi Beppe, I don’t mean to be intrusive, but your name suggests you are Italian? – Are you living here in the UK, or are you residing in mainland Europe. Reason I ask is that it is so interesting and encouraging for continental europeans to very much want us to vote for Brexit – we are after all on the same side – voting for independence for ALL the people of Europe! – Greeks in particular so they can get themselves out of the mess the EU has forced upon them!
  • Arnold Aaron will eventually land his light aircraft safely ,come the 24th.
  • My bank shares have gone up 6.9% today …. that’s weird.. but welcome .
    Does this mean a Remain has already been decided ?
  • Thank you Wa Soe …… everything sounds better in Italian
  • Oooh dear, Aimee … they’ve certainly put the willies up you. .. “you seem more interested in theory than reality. A brexit vote would lead to an instant collapse of sterling and the stock market leading to pensions being slashed and us all being instantly worse off.” … is plain and simple hysteria.
  • Arnold – we don’t hire and fire anyone. The people who run the country are civil servants acting slightly differently depending on which political group is in charge – they are anonymous.
    The cry of ‘undemocratic’ is bogus. If you live in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales you don’t even get to chose the ruling political group as that is always down to English voters.
    Your 5 year old would answer they way he thinks you want him and, and you really expect a5 year old to understand this situation? Bonkers.
    Ask your five year old this – ’Do you want to share a bar of chocolate that will be enough to last you all week, you can start on it today? Or you can have an ice-cream, a pony, a trip to Disney (US obs), live in a big house and drive a really nice car when you 45?
    Your suggestion that the Italians think we are mad is meaningless – you just choose the items that conform to your view.
  • Hi Jordan,

    Not sure if you’re still trying to talk your family around to voting remain…. I (very) humbly offer the following:

    Do you want to to able to hire and fire the people that run this country, or do you want an outside entity (which is completely undemocratic) making the laws that control this land? Do you want this country to have FULL control of its finances, or do you want an outside entity charging you a substantial membership fee and then give you a rebate (a rebate of your own money) and telling you what you have to spend that money on. I’ve asked my 5 year old these questions and he gave me the right answers….and he’s only five! Wake up UK, it’s not a difficult decision. All the scare stories about the economy, immigration et al is just noise and side issues. It really is this simple.

    If they’re still not convinced, then show them the youtube video below this post that Was Soe posted… The Italians think we are MAD! lol

    Hope you have a chance to reflect on things too!
  • Rdd, it seems we are seeing a different picture. If the EU was there to manage the interests of Europe I would probably vote to remain. The problem is that it is not there to serve us. It is there to build up power by growth and is destroying itself in the process. Europe is a group of nations with different cultures, laws and reason. To force these nations to act as one can only result in disaster. The EU is a commercial form of dictatorship and is manipulating the people with the intent of capitalizing. At the same time, the EU is getting big to the extent that it will become a threat to the rest of the world. The idea of mite is right is no longer a valid point. The world is becoming to small to accommodate so many major powers as it will bring about more trouble then we can handle. Most of the problems we are having with the NHS, housing and services is because of to much immigration over a short period of time.
  • Watch this. very interesting point of view from outsider, not influenced by IN OR OUT.
  • Keith
    A few days to go then what. If we stay in then the EU will continue grow and influence the largest trading group in the world. Hopefully our politicians will promote the UK rather than blame Europe for all our ills.
    For £8.5 Billion a year we will continue to benefit by at least £90 billion in trade and exchange. The future will only get safer with more opportunities as the EU gets bigger.
    If we leave we will have a poorer nation, a weaker trading position and the empty promises of Johnson with the xenophobic hatred from Farage that is already fuelling violence. We may well see the beginnings of the break up of the UK and even, should Farage get his way, civil war.
    Our country was only ever ‘great’ when it was stealing land and wealth from nations and peoples with vastly inferior war machines.
    OUT will give the freedom we so much need to less reputable international organisations who will tear up our civil liberties, have no influence over our trading relations with Europe yet have to accept the rules.
    Out will only drag us deeper into a false and commercial world of lies and deceit of those who will prosper – extremist politicians, multi-nationsl corporations, doubtful regimes and arms manufacturers.
  • Almost Thursday.I do hope that regardless of the rather poor debates both leave and remain have given us,that people will vote.It would be terrible if a low turnout decided the outcome,it`s too importent for people to fail exercise their democratic right.The 1975 referendum turnout was I believe only around 65%.Please vote for whichever result you want,we will never get this chance again.
  • A few days to go then what. If we stay in then the EU will continue to con the fools and siphon millions from the EU funds. The future will only get worse as the EU gets bigger. If we leave we will have the opportunity to rearrange our affairs and become a great nation again. OUT will give the freedom we so much need to prosper yet IN will only drag us deeper into a false and commercial world of lies and deceit.