Reasons to Stay



1. Jobs

Around 3.5 million British jobs are directly linked to British membership of the European Union’s single market – 1 in 10 British jobs.

2. Exports & investment

The EU buys over 50 per cent of UK exports (54 per cent of goods, 40 per cent of services).
Over 300,000 British companies and 74 per cent of British exporters operate in other EU markets.
American and Asian EU firms build factories in Britain because it is in the single market.

3. Trade

The EU negotiates trade agreements with the rest of the world. Outside the EU Britain would have to renegotiate trade deals alone. While the EU is the world’s largest market, a UK outside the EU would not be a high priority for other counties to negotiate a trade deal.

4. Consumer clout

British families enjoy lower mobile phone roaming charges, lower credit card fees, cheaper flights and proper compensation when flights are delayed or cancelled. These sorts of benefits could not be achieved by Britain alone.

5. Clean environment

Through commonly agreed EU standards, national Governments have achieved improvements to the quality of air, rivers and beaches. Good for Britain and good for Britons holidaying or living abroad!

6. Power to curb the multinationals

The EU has taken on multinational giants like Microsoft, Samsung and Toshiba for unfair competition. The UK would not be able to do this alone.

7. Freedom to work and study abroad – and easy travel

1.4 million British people live abroad in the EU. More than 14,500 UK students took part in the European Union’s Erasmus student exchange scheme in 2012-13. Driving licences issued in the UK are valid throughout the EU.

8. Peace and democracy

The EU has helped secure peace among previously warring western European nations. It helped to consolidate democracy in Spain, Portugal, Greece and former Soviet bloc countries and helped preserve peace in the Balkans since the end of the Balkans War. With the UN it now plays a leading role in conflict prevention, peacekeeping and democracy building.

9. Equal pay and non-discrimination

Equal pay for men and women is enshrined in EU law, as are bans on discrimination by age, race or sexual orientation. This benefits Britain and British people who live in other EU countries.

10. Influence in the world

As 28 democracies, and as the world’s biggest market, we are strong when we work together.
Britain is represented in many international organisations in joint EU delegations – giving Britain more influence than it would have alone. The EU has played a major role in climate, world trade and development.

11. Cutting red tape

Common rules for the common market make it unnecessary to have 28 sets of national regulations.

12. Fighting crime

The European Arrest Warrant replaced long extradition procedures and enables the UK to extradite criminals wanted in other EU countries, and bring to justice criminals wanted in the UK who are hiding in other EU countries.

Eurojust helps UK authorities work with other EU countries’ to tackle international organised crime such as drug smuggling, people trafficking and money laundering.

...and one bonus...

13. Research funding

The UK is the second largest beneficiary of EU research funds, and the British Government expects future EU research funding to constitute a vital source of income for our world-leading universities and companies.

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  • Who said, 18th May, 2016
    “I think it’s legitimate to say that if people feel they have lost control completely, and we have lost control of our borders completely as members of the EU, and if people feel that voting doesn’t change anything then violence is the next step.”

    Mr N. Farage.
    Losing the ballot will result in violence.
    He is getting more and more threatening and dangerous.
  • Beppe…you seem more interested in theory than reality. A brexit vote would lead to an instant collapse of sterling and the stock market leading to pensions being slashed and us all being instantly worse off. Businesses won’t make investment here as they will wait to see what negotiations bring or will just decide to invest in the other EU countries. Existing investment here will bit by bit move abroad as Airbus and Siemens have stated. And talks won’t be able to start as Scotland will be holding a new referendum, so it won’t be clear who you are talking to… leading to years of uncertainty, no investment, jobs leaving. And who suffers most? As in all economic downturns, the poorest in society and public services like the NHS.
  • :-) Interesting choice Rdd :-) Let’s remember what Boris Johnson & co do stand for…

    • Boris Johnson wrote of privatising NHS services when he said: ‘If people have to pay for them, they will value them more.’ And Mr Gove called for the health service to be ‘denationalised’. Mr Johnson has demanded the scrapping of the EU’s social charter which protects employment conditions. And both of them voted for cuts in tax credits costing low income families more than £1,000 a year. They have argued for the privatisation of the NHS, supported tax cuts for the rich and voted for Tory spending cuts that hit the poorest hardest.
    • Arron Banks the millionaire backer and co-founder of the Leave.EU campaign in a recent interview stated: ‘If it were up to me, I’d privatise the NHS.’
    • Nigel Farage has been caught on camera telling Ukip supporters that the state-funded NHS should move towards an insurance-based system run by private companies. He also suggested that there was a big problem with employee rights and protections such as maternity leave for small firms. Andy Burnham MP, the shadow health secretary, said: ‘Nigel Farage poses as a man of the people, but his views on the NHS are out of step with 99% of the public. Farage can drink as many pints as he likes, but he’ll never be able to distance himself from these views that would go down like a lead balloon in pubs and clubs across the land. It is now plain for all to see that a vote for Ukip is a vote for the privatisation of the NHS.’
    • Patrick Minford of the small group of Economists for Brexit said ‘Over time, if we left the EU, it seems likely that we would mostly eliminate manufacturing’. This is the view of the pro-brexit economist on the 2.5 million jobs that are based on manufacturing in this country.
  • But Aimee, Boris says that isn’t true … who should we believe? 60 experts or the man who would be PM?
  • 60 former presidents and chairs of the Medical Royal Colleges and the British Medical Association (BMA) wrote an open letter warning of the threat to the NHS an economic downturn following a Leave vote would cause. The 60 health experts say:

    ‘We write as former presidents and chairs of the UK’s medical royal colleges and in the British Medical Association to set out why, if we care about the future of the NHS, we should remain in the EU.

    Rather than ruining the NHS, as some have claimed, immigrants play a large part in running it. Without the 10 per cent of doctors and 5 per cent of nurses who come from other EU countries, not to mention even larger numbers of care workers, the NHS would face severe staff shortages.

    Moreover, far from being strangled by bureaucratic regulations, we have benefited from Europe-wide action on matters such as new infectious diseases (including the zika virus), environmental pollution, climate change, and antibiotic resistance — all of which are public health threats that do not stop at the Channel.

    We benefit from rapid access to new medicines because of the European Medicines Agency, based in this country. In addition, about 20 per cent of our medical research is now funded by the EU; we receive considerably more back from the EU for this than we pay in. If we leave we can expect to lose a good proportion of this to other EU countries.

    Finally, rather than the discredited £350 million a week that Leave campaigners say would be redirected to the NHS, it seems far more likely that there would be an immediate large decline in national income, which can only worsen the existing financial crisis that faces the NHS.

    It is Brexit that is the threat to the NHS, not our membership of the EU.’
  • Keith
    ’The EU is an organization run and funded by a corrupt group of businesses who are only interested in power. ’
    Name them
  • Keith – funny. Do you also think the royal family are lizards and the government are yetis?
  • The EU is an organization run and funded by a corrupt group of businesses who are only interested in power. The only way they can get this power is to control the market. Once they have control of the market you can wave good bye to any freedom or democracy in the future. Capitalism will be the dominant force and peoples lives will be valued on the financial performance and will be the deciding factor on who lives and who dies. Eventually the work force will become institutionalized and under the complete control of their employers. So developing a slave style society. To vote to remain has to be the most stupid thing we can do. We have to be an independent country if we want to have any say in our future.
  • I can see , Aimee that you are only interested in your own opinions but the reference to Article 50 was in response to the constant bleatings from the Innards that the folk who want out have no plan .
    Article 50 states that NOTHING will change for 2 years.
    Your cheaper roaming charges won’t be under threat and Eurorail will still give you the same discounts and as Cameron fears ( 10th of March ) the prices of socks and gloves won’t go up.
    In the meantime a trade agreement would have been agreed and the rest of the EU can finish forming their own army and maybe one day all of them will knock VAT off a packet of tampons.
  • Not sure why you think I’m interested in article 50 or in Jacob Rees-Mogg, a man who was very insulting towards the Bank of England. Everthing you’ve said on this site has turned out to be untrue, not sure why it would change now.
  • Aimee check out Jacob Rees-Mogg on Youtube … He will explain Article 50 to you … No need for panic or wild conjecture.
  • What a load of crap
  • Why brexit is wrong 2
    • Brexiters have no plan. What model would replace the EU? They won’t tell you because they just don’t know. Some talk about Norway, which pays as much as we do to the EU allows free movement but has no say in the rule-making, while Gove says we should become part of Greater Albania, which even the Albanian prime minister says is not a good position to be in. How can they ask you to leave if they have no alternative? It’s a fingers-crossed and let’s just hope for the best attitude with the catchphrase ‘we just don’t know’. They want you to gamble – to play Russian roulette with our economy and NHS.
    • Red tape = rights and protection. The UK is already the second lightest regulated economy in the developed world according to the OECD. When brexiters talk about getting rid of red tape, they mean getting rid of workers’ rights, women’s rights and environmental protection.
    • Brexit means less sovereignty, losing control. Brexiters call for sovereignty, but we would have less sovereignty if we left the EU, not more. An isolationist Britain would not have the power it has within the EU where it can influence policy and other non-EU countries would be more interested in the much large EU market than in Britain. We would have to be a rule-taker just accepting single market rules and technical standards, rather than being a rule-maker in jointly deciding on them in the EU.
    • Free movement of people benefits the UK. Over 100,000 people from other EU countries work in the NHS and social care services. They also are key workers in house-building to provide accommodation we need and many other industries, like Airbus where research and free movement within the companies is essential. People from other EU countries make a net contribution to our economy allowing more investment in public services. They are generally well-educated and working. Most immigration to the UK comes from outside the EU. The Australian-style points system proposed by Brexit doesn’t work. It’s enormous red tape for our businesses and would slow the economy. We already use this system for non-EU immigration, and that is higher than EU immigration. Vote Leave have said they want to increase non-EU immigration. Australia has proportionally 3 times as much immigration as the UK. There are local issues where there is a sudden influx of migrants, but that should be resolved by our government’s planning. There are as many UK citizens in other EU countries as there are other EU citizens here. The rights of UK citizens in other EU countries would not be guaranteed if we left.
    • Don’t believe the Leave lies. The EU is democratic. EU decisions are taken by the Council of Ministers (our elected government ministers) and the European Parliament (our elected MEPs). The Commission is unelected, but performs the same role as our unelected civil service. Turkey is not joining the EU – it applied to join in 1987 and has so far only completed 1 of 35 conditions – at the current rate of progress its application would be complete in the year 3000 and even then we have an absolute veto. There are no plans for a European army and we’d have a veto anyway. We would not be liable for any euro problems.
  • Why brexit is wrong
    • Brexit would be an economic disaster for Britain, putting us in recession. The cost of the EU from our budget is about £50m a week (not £350m brexit claim), but if we left we wouldn’t save any money as the damage to the economy of cutting ourselves off from the market where almost half our exports go would cost us tens of billions of pounds. In negotiating a post-brexit agreement we need the EU more than they need us – we export over 12% of our GDP to the EU, but the EU only exports 3% of its GDP to us. What’s more, many foreign firms, like Nissan, set up shop in Britain because we are a gateway to sell stuff to the whole EU. If we quit, other countries might grab our jobs by luring companies away from the UK.
    • Brexit would wipe out manufacturing in Britain. The Brexit supporters want us to reduce our tariffs to zero without any agreement on lower tariffs from other countries. This means for example, China could flood our market with cheap steel and wipe out our steel industry. UKIP opposed support for the British steel industry in the European Parliament. Patrick Minford, the lead economist for the Brexit side, said in March, ‘Over time, if we left the EU, it seems likely that we would mostly eliminate manufacturing’. There are over 2.5 million jobs that are dependent on manufacturing in this country.
    • A weak Brexit economy, means cuts in public services and a weaker NHS. All major unions, including the NHS unions, are in favour of staying in as they know the damage brexit would cause the economy and therefore the NHS. 10% of doctors and over 100,000 NHS and social care staff come from other EU countries.
    • Don’t trust Brexit campaigners. Boris Johnson wrote of privatising NHS services when he said: “If people have to pay for them, they will value them more,” and he has demanded the scrapping of the EU’s social charter which protects employment conditions. Michael Gove called for the health service to be ‘denationalised’. Nigel Farage has said that the NHS should move towards an insurance-based system run by private companies and suggested that there was a big problem with employee rights and protections such as maternity leave for small firms. Arron Banks the millionaire backer and co-founder of the Leave.EU campaign in a recent interview stated: ‘If it were up to me, I’d privatise the NHS’. Tim Martin of Wetherspoons is a big user of zero-hour contracts giving people unstable incomes and hours.
    • Consider who you’d be voting with. Remain is supported by the NHS staff, scientists and management, farmers, large and small businesses, universities, scientists, the current and all former NATO chiefs, 12 former heads of the British Armed Forces. Leave has the support of the far right of the Tory party, Farage, Gove, David Icke, Donald Trump, George Galloway and extreme right-wing groups such as the British National Party and the French National Front.
  • Why we should Remain 2
    • Opportunities for us and our children. You can freely travel, study, work and live anywhere in the EU. The right of free movement for EU citizens hugely benefits the UK. It boosts our economy and enriches us culturally. Universities in particular benefit from the rights of students and world-class researchers and teachers to move freely. Moreover, many hundreds of thousands of British people live, study and work in other EU countries. We will all be poorer if we lose this right. Young voters are overwhelmingly in favour of staying in the EU as they see these opportunities as a right which would go if we left the EU. There are as many UK citizens in other EU countries as there are people from other EU countries in the UK – we get just as much benefit.
    • Rights, protection and benefits. The EU is a force for progressive values. It champions our civil and political rights, and has outlawed discrimination based on gender, race and sexuality. The EU provides a guarantee for workers’ rights, women’s rights and equality throughout the EU. The EHIC card gives you health protection when travelling anyone in the EU, Open Skies has greatly reduced the cost of air travel in the EU and mobile roaming tariffs within the EU will soon be zero.
    • Britain leading in Europe and the world. Britain should be leading in the EU and across the world and our influence is amplified by being part of the EU. We have control over rules, opt-outs to protect our unique position and a veto on important matters such as new countries joining. Crucially, membership allows us to influence EU laws. It also allows us to play a role in reforming the EU’s institutions and procedures. Were Britain to leave the EU, it might be allowed to stay in the single market, but it would no longer have a say on deciding its rules or shaping its future. Through the EU we are a rule-maker on the single market, but outside we would be a rule-taker just having to accept the rules with no say.
    • Keep the UK together. Scotland, Northern Ireland, Gibraltar and the Falklands are all likely to vote heavily in favour of Remain. If we left, Scotland would call another independence referendum. It would be a disaster for Gibraltar and the Falklands as the vast majority of their exports go to the EU. Putting up a border between Northern Ireland and the Republic would according to the Irish prime minister endanger the stability of the peace process.
    • Farming and the environment. The National Farmers’ Union, which represents about 70% of full-time farmers has recently stated: ‘On the balance of existing evidence available to us at present, the interests of farmers are best served by our continuing membership of the European Union.’ This statement came after an evaluation of the pros and cons and a survey of members that gave a 2 to 1 result in favour of remaining in the EU. Consider that 93% of UK beef exports go to the EU. If we cut ourselves off from that market, as Michael Gove wants, then farmers will struggle. There are environmental standards to ensure there is no race to the bottom. Britain’s beaches were cleaned up as a result of an EU-wide initiative to improve environmental standards. The RSPB and WWF have said that the natural environment will be safer if we stay in the EU.
  • Why we should Remain
    • A strong, dynamic economy. We have had the fastest growing economy of the G7 countries since we joined the EU in 1973 (from 1950 to1973 we were the slowest) and we have the highest ever rate of employment. Since the single market began in 1993, our GDP is up 62% in real terms compared to 48% in Switzerland and 35% in Germany. All reputable economic studies from the Treasury and the IMF to Oxford University and the London School of Economics show we would be worse off by tens of billions of pounds outside the EU. We have access to the single market and through the EU trade agreements with more than 60 other countries with more on the way. Nearly 50% of British trade is with the rest of the EU, and it is estimated that over three million jobs in this country are connected to membership. Businesses large and small are in favour of Remain.
    • A strong NHS. Funding for the NHS depends on having a strong economy. Over 100,000 people from other EU countries work in the NHS and social care, including 10% of doctors. NHS staff, management and scientists agree that we should Remain.
    • Security. The EU has helped to keep the peace in Western Europe since its foundation. Before 1945, Europe was regularly devastated by conflict and war. Economic interdependence now makes war unthinkable between member states. The EU has also promoted the consolidation and spread of liberal democracy, in post-war Germany and Italy, in post-authoritarian Spain, Portugal and Greece, and most recently in post-communist Central and Eastern Europe. For these reasons, the EU was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2012. The current and all former heads of NATO and 12 former heads of the British Armed Forces agree that UK membership of the EU is important in maintain peace and security in Europe. The European Arrest Warrant has allowed us to return criminals to other EU countries and bring to justice here thousands of British criminals who had fled to Europe.
    • Science and research. These are boosted by joint scientific and university programmes across the EU and the free movement of scientists and engineers. Over 150 members of the Royal Society of scientists have said that leaving the EU would be ‘a disaster for science and universities.’ Universities, including Oxford and Cambrige, support remaining in the EU as do over 80% of students. Airbus in Broughton has highlighted that moving experts between their sites around Europe is vital for the way they work.
  • Hi Jordan. I’ll have a go at helping out.

    1. To get the facts, not the myths, try
    2. Most legal immigration comes from outside the EU and that’s the system Leave want to introduce for all immigration. A system that has given Australia 3 times as much immigration as us. So immigration may rise if we Leave, especially as Leave are campaigning for higher immigration from commonwealth countries such as India. What’s more illegal immigration is very likely to rise as EU countries will no longer have an interest in stopping immigrants from travelling to the UK if we are not in the EU. Instead of stopping them at Calais, France have said they will just let them cross if we leave.
    3. The net amount sent to the EU is less than 1% of UK public spending. The CBI says we get £9 back for every £1 spent through freer trade, inward investment, research etc.
    4. I’ll copy and paste in as separate comments my top reasons to remain and not to brexit. I hope you find them useful.

    Let me know if you have any questions I can help you with answers to.
  • I couldent care less about what and why people are voting fore. All I know is that I am concerned with the disappearance of our green and pleasant land as they convert it into a concrete jungle. Surely this must have some meaning as it will be the most horrific event we will ever witness and there is no turning back. Once its gone its gone. The rich will be able to go to any place they fancy but the British working under dog will be stuck in a hellish place for ever.
  • To Jordan Dorrell – A belated answer to your plea for a view to put to the rest of your family – But remember they are the people closest to you and they have a perfect right to their opinion -

    Tell them about a certain group of people who gathered support across their nation, as they sought to capitalise on the various hopes, fears and needs of the people.

    They promised to overturn a European Treaty and to give the Nation back her pride.

    Also they promised to reduce unemployment and form a government that would put all the Nations problems right.

    These same people also promised, stability, trading opportunities and they were widely and enthusiastically supported by a range of intelligent people, particularly by the Industrialists, who were terrified of the left wing unions and communism. So many big businessmen made huge donations to the Party.

    Then a group of people ? Immigrants were selected to be made scapegoats for all the ills of the Nation – This had the benefit that no-one politician had to take any responsibility for their role in the Nations current state?.

    Now point out to your family that’s how Adolf came to power.
  • Beppe – I can see where your views are coming from. WW1 my mother lost a brother, a cousin and two friends in the trenches. Another was mentally damaged and ‘died’ soon after. She lost a close cousin in WW2. My father had friends damaged in the Spanish Civil War fighting against Franco. He lost 20+ school friends in Europe and Japan. He served in the airforce for nearly 10 years (throughout WW2) and lost friends from the UK, Poland, Canada and Czechoslovakia. He was among a group who were conscripted to help clear up after the Germans in Belgium and go into camps.
    He knew the difference between Germans and Nazis.
    He knew the only way to ensure peace was to unite.
    He knew that a fragmented Europe would lead to a third European war.
    Because of my parents’ generation, NATO and the EU I have reached relative old age never having to see conscripts being sent to their deaths in Western Europe. I want the same for my children, grandchildren and beyond.
    Have you considered Germany takes the lead, in part, because Britain has refused to embrace Europe and has always sniped from the sidelines? Our political leaders should and could be at the heart of the EU driving it forward not dragging it back.
  • Like you
  • What a load of crap
  • You talk shit … my father was stuck in a prison camp by the Cabbage people and my grandfather was gassed by them into an invalid.
    You insult me accusing me of using Nazi language .. TWO generations of my family have suffered from KRAUT expansionism and it has to stop here … Vote OUT
  • Beppe – using language of the Nazi Party isn’t helpful. Either you know nothing of the Nazis, Farage or are insensitive to the slaughter of more than 20,000,000 lives under their war machine.
    If any programme needs to apologise it’s Question Time on which Fargage, making party political broadcasts and boasting about his claiming expenses, a record number of appearances, was handled with kid gloves on all of his record breaking appearances. As far as UKIP is concerned Dimbleby is definitely hands off.
  • One thing that Farage doesn’t lie about is the Fourth Reich … er E.U. which has recently been revealed to have been funding the BBC !
    An f.o.i. request winkled some of the details out of the BBC. They admitted to receiving £3 million from Bruxelles up until 2013 but didn’t go into details about the strings attached
    At the start of Question Time , Dimbleby should declare the BBC’s interest stating they receive millions of pounds from the EU and let the public decide if we are getting unbiased coverage.
  • One thing that Farage doesn’t lie about is the Fourth Reich … er E.U. which has recently been revealed to have been funding the BBC !
    An f.o.i. request winkled some of the details out of the BBC. They admitted to receiving £3 million from Bruxelles up until 2013 but didn’t go into details about the strings attached
    At the start of Question Time , Dimbleby should declare the BBC’s interest stating they receive millions of pounds from the EU and let the public decide if we are getting unbiased coverage.
  • Jordan – read them the above and
    Google Farage lies (set aside a good few hours for that).
    Try to explain any benefits will be wiped out (see press on falling £ and stocks and the effect it is already having)
    Google Boris lies (set aside a good few hours for that).
    The problem is overcoming media promotion of these characters.
    Point the benefits and tell them it costs about the same as a posh coffee in a high street franchise a week!
    Google Putin – reaching out Europe and already planning for the end of the EU.
    Point out the European countries free of the EU have higher immigration levels than the UK and pay far higher taxes.
    If that doesn’t work buy them a puppy.
  • I’m sure i’m not the only one who’s political views are the complete opposite from the rest of the family; I wanted to get some advice on how to make my ‘Brexit-bound’ family to understand why we are stronger in the EU?

    All I hear from them is about the amount of money that Britain contribute to the EU, how many illegal immigrants are allowed to enter the UK and how much resources that Britain ‘waste’ on the EU.

    Any suggestions on how I can make my views become more clear to them?
  • Beppe – I didn’t use the words facts. Like many Brexit supporters hear / read what you expect or want to.
    If you suggest statements such as “better workers’ rights” are conjecture you are wrong. Such statements are based on what we have now and what is proposed by the EU, UK government, comments by Gove & Farage (in particular) and the evidence of workers rights in the countries Leave are hailing as our new BFFs. An example is, even though she’s following the party line, Theresa May will on exiting the EU withdraw all of us from the protection of the European Convention for Human Rights. Rights lost and no sign of being replaced.
    No comment about the future is 100% certain – even the sun rising has a minute chance of not happening. But when the overwhelming evidence is for an event to transpire, based on reason, is ignored because a failed trader and a Telegraph columnist say so we deserve to become poorer, less safe and have fewer rights.
  • Rdd….. Statements like : " We are safer in"… “better rights for minorities” , "stronger in ". "better workers’ rights " ad inf. are comparisons with whatever is available after the "leap into the dark " ….so are a bit pointless really.
    And are conjecture NOT facts