Reasons to Stay



1. Jobs

Around 3.5 million British jobs are directly linked to British membership of the European Union’s single market – 1 in 10 British jobs.

2. Exports & investment

The EU buys over 50 per cent of UK exports (54 per cent of goods, 40 per cent of services).
Over 300,000 British companies and 74 per cent of British exporters operate in other EU markets.
American and Asian EU firms build factories in Britain because it is in the single market.

3. Trade

The EU negotiates trade agreements with the rest of the world. Outside the EU Britain would have to renegotiate trade deals alone. While the EU is the world’s largest market, a UK outside the EU would not be a high priority for other counties to negotiate a trade deal.

4. Consumer clout

British families enjoy lower mobile phone roaming charges, lower credit card fees, cheaper flights and proper compensation when flights are delayed or cancelled. These sorts of benefits could not be achieved by Britain alone.

5. Clean environment

Through commonly agreed EU standards, national Governments have achieved improvements to the quality of air, rivers and beaches. Good for Britain and good for Britons holidaying or living abroad!

6. Power to curb the multinationals

The EU has taken on multinational giants like Microsoft, Samsung and Toshiba for unfair competition. The UK would not be able to do this alone.

7. Freedom to work and study abroad – and easy travel

1.4 million British people live abroad in the EU. More than 14,500 UK students took part in the European Union’s Erasmus student exchange scheme in 2012-13. Driving licences issued in the UK are valid throughout the EU.

8. Peace and democracy

The EU has helped secure peace among previously warring western European nations. It helped to consolidate democracy in Spain, Portugal, Greece and former Soviet bloc countries and helped preserve peace in the Balkans since the end of the Balkans War. With the UN it now plays a leading role in conflict prevention, peacekeeping and democracy building.

9. Equal pay and non-discrimination

Equal pay for men and women is enshrined in EU law, as are bans on discrimination by age, race or sexual orientation. This benefits Britain and British people who live in other EU countries.

10. Influence in the world

As 28 democracies, and as the world’s biggest market, we are strong when we work together.
Britain is represented in many international organisations in joint EU delegations – giving Britain more influence than it would have alone. The EU has played a major role in climate, world trade and development.

11. Cutting red tape

Common rules for the common market make it unnecessary to have 28 sets of national regulations.

12. Fighting crime

The European Arrest Warrant replaced long extradition procedures and enables the UK to extradite criminals wanted in other EU countries, and bring to justice criminals wanted in the UK who are hiding in other EU countries.

Eurojust helps UK authorities work with other EU countries’ to tackle international organised crime such as drug smuggling, people trafficking and money laundering.

...and one bonus...

13. Research funding

The UK is the second largest beneficiary of EU research funds, and the British Government expects future EU research funding to constitute a vital source of income for our world-leading universities and companies.

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  • Beppe – conjecture is what Leave have based all their ‘promises’ on. Reason is what the IN campaign have based their warnings on.
  • ’I have been forced to vote Leave as the Eu will pass a new law making homosexuality compulsory in an attempt to reduce the population growth.
    ’ This had been a serious forum.
    But, we need to increase our population to keep up with international competition.
  • I have been forced to vote Leave as the Eu will pass a new law making homosexuality compulsory in an attempt to reduce the population growth.
  • Scot, you confuse conjecture with reasons.
    And your comment about less influence risk from big business is quite funny.
  • So many positive reasons to stay in the EU. Better rights for minorities and disabled, less influence risk from big business, more proportional representation & cleaner environment. That’s just a few.
  • I see Professor Brian Sturgess ,a former senior economic advisor to the EU Commission has just chucked the cat among the pigeons.
  • Some readers may wonder why The British Medical Journal is intervening in a political debate. We think this issue transcends politics and has such huge ramifications for health and society that it is important to state our case.
    Over the past five weeks we have published a series of articles looking at the main arguments for leaving or remaining in the EU in terms of their effects on health and the NHS. As always with our news and features coverage, we have strived to maintain neutrality, but as the series has progressed it has become increasingly obvious that the arguments for remaining in the EU are overwhelming, and that now is not the time for balance.
    The BMJ is in good company. Over the past few months a slew of health experts have come out on the remain side. These include Simon Stevens, chief executive of NHS England; Paul Nurse, chief executive of the Francis Crick Institute; Simon Wessely, president of the Royal College of Psychiatrists; and just last week, with a change of heart, Sarah Wollaston, chair of the parliamentary select committee on health. In a “call for views” organised by the Royal College of Physicians the opinions were overwhelmingly in favour of staying in6 In fact, we realised that we could not name one prominent national medical, research, or health organisation that has sided with Brexit.

    The Leave campaign’s arguments on the NHS are simply wrong. Its constant claim that the UK sends £350m to the EU every week has been blown out of the water by a host of financial and economic experts, including the UK Statistics Authority, the Institute for Fiscal Studies, and the Treasury select committee.
    The Leave Campaign claims that if the UK remains in the EU, the NHS will be swamped by immigrants, desperate to make use of our free health service. A London School of Economics review of the impact of immigration on the UK found that, because EU migrants tend to be young they make less use of health services, and that some may even return home for healthcare because they can get quicker access to specialists.
    But perhaps the most laughable untruth is that the NHS would be safer in their hands. As John Major said when interviewed on the BBC, the NHS is about as safe with the prominent Vote Leave campaigners “as a pet hamster with a python.”
  • This
    “I once asked Rupert Murdoch why he was so opposed to the European Union. ‘That’s easy,’ he replied. ‘When I go into Downing Street they do what I say; when I go to Brussels they take no notice.’ "

    We leave one set of stars and will soon be number 51 on another flag.
  • Boris lies -

    Lied when he said, today, “It was a Bank of England study that showed that for every 10 per cent increase in immigration there was a two per cent reduction in wages”. Alex Salmond challenged and Johnson had to climb down, saying he had not read the report. It actually says a 10 per cent rise in immigration would result in a one third of one pence diminution in average wages.

    Lied about Wales paying more than it receives -Wales’ contribution to the EU was £414m but it received £658m in funding making up around 16% of Wales Government spending after taking out its ring fenced statutory spending.
    Tories cut spending to Wales while EU grants were increased.
    Today Priti Patel would not guarantee that the £1.8 billion Wales will receive between now and 2020 will be continued after leaving Europe. In real terms in means Wales will be unable to function. It would be speculative but not wildly so to assume that will be the case for other regions.

    Farmers’ Union of Wales (it doesn’t come more conservative or pro Brexit) representative said after meeting with Johnson,
    “This is typical bluff and bluster from Boris, who has failed to answer key questions that are vital to the British farming industry. He was unable to guarantee that farmers would receive the same support as their key competitors in the European Union.

    “And he could not explain how farmers could sell tariff-free into the EU if we left the single market. It’s clear that British farming is stronger, safer and better off in Europe.”
  • Cameron, of whom I am not a support, was excellent in PMs questions today.
    And, Osbourne spelled out exactly what we vote for when we leave.
  • Beppe -
    I see Bob Geldof turned up on the Thames to shout at Farage and the fishermen.
    Thank goodness someone is at last standing up to this traitor. Like all tin pot dictators and school bullies Farage can’t cope with not being centre of attention. His little rant to cameras showed the stature of the man … minute.
    A fortnight ago Farage promised to lead a fleet of 60 ‘ships’ up the Thames. It turned out to be about 15.
    Geldof, love him or hate him has done more for his fellow man than the self serving UKIP leader has or will ever achieve.
    I noticed Farage, attired in faux sailors jacket, was accompanied by UKIP’s German secretary.
    As I read elsewhere, armada’s don’t do well in British waters.
  • Keneth – We wil not be ‘Great Britain’ after the vote we will continue to be, ‘Great Britain & Northern Island’ . Great Britain is geographical description of the largest of the Island of Britain and has nothing to do with status.
    Given Boris, today, admitted we might negotiate our way out of the EU by 2020 and his preferred treaty model is based on Canada’s we are highly likely to be putting ourselves in a position of austerity for a minimum of 11 years – a large proportion of Leave voters will be dead by then (I include myself). And, he was forced to admit was (mis) quoting data from documents he’d not read.

    I liked Beppe’s post. Maybe your friend could return to her highly paid job in Russia and not take valuable resources out of the country. That was tongue in cheek, I have been seen and been screened without waits in the NHS by three specialists in the last four years. One was Northern Irish, one was Indonesian and one was from Spanish – so why your friends form Russia can’t get jobs is beyond me. Are they in the country legally?
    And your comments to Aimee are spot on. There are many people voting without a clue what is in front of them. Like martyr being led by corrupt leaders to a Paradise that is built on nothing but superstition so the disciples of Nigel will be led to a post EU Britain built on fear. When nearly all analysts are predicting perdition rather than paradise I do wonder what other bonkers decisions will be taken on my behalf based on prejudice, xenophobia and ignorance. A new mantra is being hear, ‘I don’t care what experts say. I’m voting with Nigel.’
  • I see Bob Geldof turned up on the Thames to shout at Farage and the fishermen.
    After Eddie Izzard and Russell Brand, Gordon Brown, John Major , Tony Blair, Niel Kinnock … He’s probably rubbing his hands with glee
  • I’m familiar with the acts you refer to, but they only prevent the HoL blocking financial legislation – although last year you will remember they did block a financial bill leading to the government thinking of introducing new legislation to prevent it. They regularly amend secondary legislation and sometimes block it.

    Thanks Kenneth. I think we’ll be Great Britain on 24 June, but if brexit wins then I’m not sure it will remain that way for long…new Scottish referendum and perhaps other parts of the UK breaking away to stay in the EU.
  • Dennis & Aimee – Your arguments have been balance, well researched and reasoned, now you have to trust that your fellow countrymen and women’s common sense prevails and I am certain that whatever the result, we will still be Great Britain on the 25th June
  • The H of L can vote down what they like but if you have another little look at the Parliament Acts, Aimee, you will find that what the H of Commons votes goes.
  • Also, Aimee … my wife who is Russian has a friend locally who is also Russian and made the same mistake as she did and married a guy from Northern Ireland.
    In Russia she made a very good living as a consultant gynecologist… here because she’s not from the EU ( by the way she speaks perfect English, sounds like Julie Andrews) she can’t even get a job sweeping up in a hospital.
    If she were Bulgarian, Romanian, Latvian .. whatever … no problem… big bucks in the NHS.
    The sooner we extricate ourselves from this mess the better.
  • Dear Aimee…. you are swimming against the tide.
    The public don’t give a hoot if 60 (where did you get that from? not that it matters ) former chairs or tables from some " Medical Royal Colleges " ( ditto )… or 1/2 a million people who got an A in “O” level economics believe the EU is lovely…
    None of them ,if they had heard of her, give two hoots what Cecilia Maelstrom guarantees, just as you aren’t interested in what Priti Patel, government minister pledges.
    NOBODY denies immigrants make up the shortfall in the NHS…. they won’t be sent home even if their home has no doctors.
    My Irish niece who has been a G.P. in Bristol for the last 8 years tells me a Romanian doctor has recently started working in the practice ( in the EU all qualifications of member States are recognised as equivalent )
    She tells me he can barely speak or comprehend English and that he is a danger to the public…….. That’s the news from the coal face.
  • Beppe – read the news. The HoL has voted down a number of bills recently. Get up to date.

    EU trade commissioner Cecilia Malmström, who is actually in charge of the TTIP talks, wrote that “we will never agree or negotiate a deal that would limit the UK’s freedom to run public services like the NHS exactly as it wishes… All EU free-trade agreements include specific clauses to safeguard public services”.

    It comes as 60 former presidents and chairs of the Medical Royal Colleges and the British Medical Association (BMA) wrote an open letter warning of the threat to the NHS an economic downturn following a Leave vote would cause. The 60 health experts say that if Britain leaves the EU:

    ‘We write as former presidents and chairs of the UK’s medical royal colleges and in the British Medical Association to set out why, if we care about the future of the NHS, we should remain in the EU.

    Rather than ruining the NHS, as some have claimed, immigrants play a large part in running it. Without the 10 per cent of doctors and 5 per cent of nurses who come from other EU countries, not to mention even larger numbers of care workers, the NHS would face severe staff shortages.

    Moreover, far from being strangled by bureaucratic regulations, we have benefited from Europe-wide action on matters such as new infectious diseases (including the zika virus), environmental pollution, climate change, and antibiotic resistance — all of which are public health threats that do not stop at the Channel.

    We benefit from rapid access to new medicines because of the European Medicines Agency, based in this country. In addition, about 20 per cent of our medical research is now funded by the EU; we receive considerably more back from the EU for this than we pay in. If we leave we can expect to lose a good proportion of this to other EU countries.

    Finally, rather than the discredited £350 million a week that Leave campaigners say would be redirected to the NHS, it seems far more likely that there would be an immediate large decline in national income, which can only worsen the existing financial crisis that faces the NHS.

    It is Brexit that is the threat to the NHS, not our membership of the EU.’
  • If a policy needs supporting to benefit the UK and they do not show their support then they weaken the chance of that proposed benefit helping us.
    And, more directly voting against policies that would benefit us is sabotage especially when they then claim the EU has prevented the benefits they vote against from reaching us.
    Far from being irrelevant Farage will continue his crusade to promote Farage by refocussing his targets –
    First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist.
    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

    Many, many UKIP supporters will campaign for repatriation and will find a happy champion in Farage and his party. The cat was well and truly let out of the bag the night mark Carswell was elected. Carswell shouting repatriation (but of the Irish, well,well!) because it had been agreed in a meeting with Farage. Farage then slapping him down and denying it. But Farge knows all too well that if he openly states his policy is repatriation his EU slush fund could cut and all those immigrants who don’t want any more immigrants wouldn’t vote for UKIP.
  • News reporting that the UK government could withhold benefits.
  • Dennis , you contend : "UKIP has been sabotaging benefits to the UK for years "….. What …. by not turning up ?
    Anyway, UKIP will be irrelevant come the 24th …none of them will have a job or any influence in UK politics,
    ( that should convince you to vote OUT )
    Another bonus is the Eton mess in nos 10 and 11 Downing St. will be cleaned out and we’ll get a sensible front bench with the likes of Priti Patel, Penny Mordaunt, David Davis ,Boris, Gove, Theresa Villiers, Richard Drax,Liam Fox, Daniel Hannan ( he can have Cameron’s seat when he resigns ) et al.
  • Dennis Downing, I couldent care less about this Nigel Farage. I only rely on my own line of investigative knowledge. I have seen the corruption in relation to selective marketing in the EU along with bent politics. The EU is corrupt just like our Government. The difference is we can leave the EU. Has to be a good move so we can then try and get something done about Cameron and his ring of crooks.
  • Dennis Downing, I couldent care less about this Nigel Farage. I only rely on my own line of investigative knowledge. I have seen the corruption in relation to selective marketing in the EU along with bent politics. The EU is corrupt just like our Government. The difference is we can leave the EU. Has to be a good move so we can then try and get something done about Cameron and his ring of crooks.
  • Keith Clarke – ‘all this gossip relating to the EU’ ‘Gossip’? It’s a matter of record. I was taking your post seriously but if consider the incidents outlines below as ‘gossip’ then there is no point responding to you.
    Nigel Farage and UKIP have been paid millions to represent Britain in the EU. If they fail to do that the public needs to know.
    But, for a final time
    Imagine the outcry if a Westminster MP who was England’s representative on the House of Commons Work and Pensions Committee select failed to attend 41 of 42 meeting. Then claimed to the have a greater interest in the wellbeing of pensioners than those who attended.
    Or, a MP who didn’t bother to vote on a policy to improve protection for women from abusive partners because he didn’t see the point! And then claiming Westminster did nothing for women.
    If we had a responsible press and media the likes of these money grabbing gravey-trainers would be put well and truly on the spot.
  • The best part about all this gossip relating to the EU ensures we cant trust any one. If we just looked at what has happened in Britain over the past 40 years. Leave will end up the best and only option. The unions have betrayed their members since they found it more beneficial to snuggle up with the management rather then the work force, more perks. So if they say “Remain” then we must think about leaving, logic.
  • Beppe – on workers rights, what Patel didn’t mention was that when the EU debated workers rights and curbs on zero hours contracts – UKIP, the UKs representative party which should carry significant weight, voted against. The EU legislates on need and on MEP guidance / direction. UKIP has been sabotaging benefits to the UK for years and then blames the system they abuse to attack it.
    Here are a few other reasons the EU may appear not to work in our favour – (from UKIP mask slips)
    Mr Farage’s MEPs failed to support proposals for
    • greater gender equality, including the Istanbul Convention on the prevention and combating of violence against women; (given his hate speech last week that should ring some alarm bells)
    • voted against capping credit and debit card fees, which will save British businesses and consumers millions;
    • and were split on calls to phase out precarious employment, like zero-hour contracts.
    The UKIP leader also spoke out in support of Vladimir Putin in a debate on the murder of Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov and the state of democracy in Russia, blaming the EU for the crisis in eastern Ukraine.

    UKIP’s record on women’s rights speaks for itself, and this week Nigel Farage’s MEPs added to that roll of shame by not voting for the 2013 EU progress report on equality between women and men, which called on the European Commission to encourage national ratification of the Istanbul Convention, which aims to eradicate and prosecute all forms of violence against women.
    The report also called for greater cooperation between EU Member States in combating violence against women, and a wide-ranging series of improvements for women including greater participation in the labour market, a greater emphasis on combating violence against women and further work to reduce the gender pay gap.
    On the vote for a new EU law implementing a cap on credit and debit card transaction fees – a measure that will save UK businesses and consumers £480 million a year – they voted against. For debit cards, this cap will be at 0.2% of the overall value of the transaction, and for credit cards it will be 0.3%. The legislation will come into force in September 2015. No thanks to UKIP.
    And on calls for Member States to combat precarious employment, including zero-hour contracts, the majority of UKIP MEPs voted against. In contrast, Labour MEPs not only backed that report but were pushing the Commission to act.
    While UKIP do nothing but whinge and whine and vote no to everything, Labour MEPs are speaking out, airing concerns and seeking change. This week I told European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker we need a fairer system on posted workers; an EU that will take action in tackling precarious employment; and an EU willing to take action to end the scourge of zero-hour contracts.

    They have also voted against support for flood relief on the Somerset Levels and when a member of the European Parliament Fisheries Committee Farage failed to attend 41 of 42 meetings.
    He and his party refuse to support leasers that will support Britain and British workers.
  • “He added:( Prentis ) Without the laws that began life in Europe”…. He’s talking rubbish’
    If he had a word with Gisela Stuart she would help him out
  • Mr Prentice… ( What’s his view on TTIP and it’s effect on the NHS ?)… is grateful for the state of the NHS after 40 years of EU influence …. just google something like : " NHS staff leaving ".
    Just listened to Priti Patel on the radio on the workers’ rights invented threat …. she assures people every time this little frightener comes up that they won’t be affected but she’s obviously a liar.