Pro Europa is looking for volunteers!

As the UK based campaigns get underway, and the issue of the referendum is becoming more prominent in the media, Pro Europa are looking for more volunteers to assist us to promote the UK remaining within the EU from Brussels.


Here's an overview of the different activities you can get involved in:

Social media

It would be great if people could follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn



Linked In:

If people could tweet us interesting articles, news stories etc. – anything which is to do with the UK staying in the EU @ProEuropa_GB and #StrongerIn.

 People can post links to the Facebook page too.


Blog - website

We would like to start having a frequent blog on our website so people are welcome to send us short – medium blog articles and we can post them on the website.

For examples check here:

Blog submissions can be sent to


Humans of Europe

We intend to start a similar feature on our website to 'Humans of New York:' personalised stories of what the EU means to an individual person with a photograph.
Volunteers are more than welcome to send in their short reason and a photo.
Also you are welcome to collect more personalised stories for this feature.



 Towards the end of 2015 and throughout 2016 we intend to have many fundraising activities such as a Christmas choir, a Fundraising ball, Christmas party, pub quiz or a sponsored run. It would be great to have volunteers to participate in the fundraising events and assist with the organisation and promotion too.



This aspect will become much more important when we know the date of the referendum however the main idea is for Pro Europa to send young people back to the UK in order to do door to door campaigning.
Additionally it would be good to have young people to go back to their respective universities (and if 16-17 year olds can vote) then their schools also in order to give Pro EU talks to the students.
Pro Europa will of course provide money for travel as well as information and hopefully training with regards to the main arguments, how to answer difficult questions and the main themes to discuss.
It would be great if volunteers could email us at if you would be interested in returning to the UK to campaign and also outline which areas of the UK you are from and which universities you could return to.


If anyone would like to volunteer then please email stating what areas you would like to volunteer in (more than welcome to do as much or as little as you would like).

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