Would Britain regain its independence (full democratic control of its own affairs) by leaving the EU?


It is sometimes claimed that Britain is ruled by Brussels. This is not accurate: the British Government and Parliament are far from powerless. Britain controls its own budget, currency, health service, armed forces, criminal law etc etc. 

Decisions taken by the EU are made in, not by, Brussels: they always involve British Government Ministers and MEPs elected by the British people. If Britain wants access to the EU single market it will have to follow many EU rules, whether it is an EU member or not. 

Britain would still have to abide by the rules of international bodies like UN, NATO, World Trade Organisation and IMF unless it quit them too.     

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  • I find the answer very misleading. It is widely reported that civil servants in Brussels , not elected representatives make the eu laws. Is this true or false. Further why is the remain campaign running such a terrible campaign scaremongering about the dangers of leaving. Why aren’t they running a better together campaign emphasising the benefits of staying not the dangers of leaving. I was a remain but now I am a leaver because of the negativity which has a ring of untruth to it.