Would the UK Government have the same clout in making companies compete fairly as the more economically powerful and bigger EU?


The EU has levied big fines on Microsoft, Google and other multinationals and forced them to compete more fairly. Britain on its own would be unlikely to stop abuses by big multinationals in the way the EU has?A recent backdated tax payment to the British Government by Google was criticised for being too small.  

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  • I think laws would be passed to make it unthinkable for remote nationals to get to our http://www.essayhelpdeal.co.uk/descriptive-essay/welfare framework the way they can now.No more advantages of any sort being asserted and sent back to another country.I think there will be a clampdown and unlawful and criminal outsiders being gathered together and sent back to their possess nations. Our outskirt compels will be made fit for a reason and keep out undesirable people.It would mean terrible news for the Big Issue on the grounds that to the extent I can see the main vagrants in the UK are foreigners,I have never observed a British individual selling that mag.As for this tripe, the three fundamental gatherings are gushing about employment losses,it is lies,it is scaremongering.We purchase more from the EU than they do from us.They are not going to close processing plants since we leave the EU.
  • You mean the EU that is colluding with the USA over TTIP? Yes that looks really great for us………